Haven’t you always wondered what the Garfield comic strip would be like if President Garfield was starring in place of the lasagna loving cat? No? Well, maybe you can enjoy this site anyway.

Garfield as Garfield is a Garfield parody where the only change is swapping out the cat for the President.


  1. Lori says:

    HeyJeff this is Maureens friend Lori! She told me about your newly attainef celebrity status! WOW!! Just wantef to congratulate you on your new foundef fame and wanted to check out the sight How creative Keepup the great work

  2. Ghost86X says:

    LOL, haha, FUNNEEE.
    Garfield as Garfield is the most random Garfield parody I have ever seen in my life (Other than maybe Garfish). The main reason it is funny is because Garfield (the president) is just so regal looking (blah blah blah REGAL) and is so unfit in Garfield’s (the cat) personality and relations with Jon and Odie. In other terms, his beard is large and makes me laugh and boogers fly out of my nose. :3

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